Men of the church: There is a wonderful opportunity at North Georgia Works where you can partner with them as a volunteer driver to assist in transporting their trainees to and from their worksites. North Georgia Works is located on Vine Street just a little South East from the church. It is a men’s ministry that many of us have volunteered for as they were getting the facility into shape so they could bring these men into the ministry. Great organization where God is doing some amazing things!

They currently have nine men enrolled in their program who are working Monday through Friday in and around various locations in Gainesville. With the amount of driving required in the mornings and in the afternoons between 2 staffers and a volunteer, they are seeking some assistance.

You can volunteer to be a regular daily driver AM &/or PM, or you can volunteer for a certain day of the week that is convenient for your schedule.

This is a wonderful opportunity to help and encourage these men during this transitional time within their lives. Please feel free to contact Shon Peppers with questions or Mark Akin to sign up to volunteer. Mark is the Director of Programs & Pastoral Counseling at North Georgia Works! His contact information is below.


PO Box 2458
Gainesville, GA 30503
(404) 291-3906