Endowment and Benevolent Giving

In 1994, the Session and congregation approved the creation of the Endowment Fund and formation of the Endowment Committee to oversee the use of funds donated to advance specific ministries of the church. The Endowment Fund continues to seek out the Lord’s will and serve those who are in need. It is comprised of 26 individual funds that have come into being through the generosity of the members of our congregation.

Donations can be received and added to current funds or can be received for the purpose of forming a new individual Endowment Fund. Each fund’s corpus is protected and is invested with the oversight of your Endowment Investment Committee. Through the grace of our Lord your Endowment has seen steady growth throughout the years which has enabled the committee to support needs of our church, education for Christian ministries, support missions at home and abroad and provide for those who are in need.

The Endowment Committee is always seeking new donations from those members who have a particular heart for a need within our church and will be happy to discuss that need and the formation of a new fund. Please keep the Endowment fund in mind when doing your estate planning as you and your named fund can have a profound effect on needs being met far into the future.

Housing and Healthcare Funds
These funds assist our members and those in our community who need financial assistance with housing, food, health care, and other personal needs that are identified.
• Ben and Fern Platt Memorial Fund
• Health and Housing Fund – Anonymous
• Katherine Anderson Dunlap Memorial Fund
• J. Allen and Barbara Webster Memorial Fund
• Edith Cook Scott Memorial Fund
• Henry G. Heil Memorial Fund
• Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Hagar Fund
• Mr. and Mrs. William R. Byers Memorial Fund
• Margaret Roan Memorial Fund

Music Funds
These funds provide scholarship assistance for church members who prepare for a church vocation in sacred music and support the purchase and maintenance of our musical equipment.
• The Pauline Ball Scudder Organand Music Fund
• Charles H. Johnson Sacred Music Scholarship Fund

Church Child Development Center Funds
These funds support our Child Development Center.
• Heber N. Padget Memorial Fund

Maintenance Funds
These funds assist with the expense of the maintenance of our church facility beyond those contained within the church Operating Budget.
• Hodge Endowment Fund

Missions Funds
These funds address needs related to local and world missions.
• Jean and Don Roberts Mission Support Fund
• Dr. and Mrs. Larry Morris Mission Fund
• Mark and Michea Papp African Mission Fund
• L & J Spencer World Missions Support Fund

Mission and Scholarship Funds
• Henry Grady and JoAnna Morris Mission and Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Funds
These funds provide financial assistance to our staff, members of our congregation and their extended family who are preparing for a Christian vocation.
•Marvin O. Richter Christian Ministry Scholarship Fund
•Paul and Patsy Seals Church Vocation Scholarship Fund
• Ray and Jean McRae Word and Sacrament Fund
• Lena Ruth Nease Scholarship Fund
• Barton and Ada McCrum Missions and Scholarship Fund
• George and Francis Seelke Word and Sacrament Fund

Cancer Funds
These funds provide financial assistance for cancer patients and their families with expenses not covered by medical insurance.
• Emmett/Stewart Cancer Support Fund

General Endowment Funds
These funds can be used to assist the church and church members as needs arise.
• Joanne Frances Prien Memorial Fund


Christ may be touching your heart to add to one of our existing funds, or perhaps you may be interested in beginning a new fund to support a vision that our Lord has placed upon you. To make a gift or to learn more about The First Presbyterian Endowment Funds please contact the church or a member of the Endowment Committee today.

But each of us were given grace according to the measure of Christ’s gift …to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ. – Ephesians 4:7,12
Others have labored, and you have entered into their labor. – John 4:38