Endowment and Benevolent Giving

Endowment Giving

Scripture encourages us to be good stewards of all that God has given to us. Christian Estate Planning means stewarding both faith and wealth and affects literally everything we consider ours. Because of that, as your final act of stewardship, it is probably the singlr most important one you will ever undertake.  Since 1994, First Presbyterian Church of Gainesville has been able to bless our congregation, community and the world through the thoughtful estate giving of our members and those who have felt called to support the ongoiong work of the church.  Below is a partial listing of estate giving opportunities and current endowment funds

Estate giving opportunities:

Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)A CRT is a tax-saving and effective way to transfer assets to your church while providing you with an income source. Income can be earned from several different types of investments, professional money management, and death benefit guarantees which will help secure the church’s interest.

Living Trust
Under a Living Trust agreement, the trustor receives benefits from the profits of the trust during their lifetime, followed by a distribution upon the death of the trustor.

Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA)
A CGA provides the donor a guaranteed income during their lifetime as well as other benefits. The donor receives an immediate tax deduction, a reduction of the capital gains tax if the annuity is established with a gift of appreciated stock and allows the donor to leave a legacy of love and support to their church.

Life Estate
A life estate is a form of joint ownership that allows real property to be  given to the church with the right of the owner to use or occupy the property for one’s life. These properties must be deeded to the church and individual areas of responsibility clearly defined.

Insurance Policies
Life insurance policies designating the church as primary, or partial, beneficiary are an excellent means of support.

Direct gifts of stocks, bonds, and cash
Stocks, bonds and cash, as well as all of the above, may be given to the church to establish a designated or undesignated endowment fund. A minimum gift of $2,500 is required for a named endowment.

Current Endowment Funds

Housing and Healthcare funds: These funds assist our members and those in our community who need financial assistance with housing, food, health care, and other identified personal needs.

  • Ben and Fern Platte Memorial
  • Health and Housing Fund (anonymous)
  • Catherine Anderson Dunlap Memorial
  • J Allen and Barbara Webster Memorial
  • Edith Cook Scott Memorial
  • Henry G. Heil Memorial
  • and Mrs. Nelson Hagar
  • and Mrs William R. Byers Memorial
  • Margaret Roan Memorial

Music funds: These funds provide scholarship assistance for church members who prepare for a church vocation in sacred music and support the purchase and maintenance of our musical equipments.

  • The Pauline Ball Scudder Organ and Music
  • Charles A. Johnson Sacred Music Scholarship

First Presbyterian Church Child Development Center funds: These funds support the Child Development Center

  • Heber Heber N. Padget Memorial
  • Mary Anne Padget Memorial

Infrastructure and Maintenance funds: These funds assist with the expense of maintaining our church facility beyond those contained within the church’s operating budget.

  • Hodge Endowment

Mission funds: These funds address needs related to local, national and world mission causes

  • Jean and Don Roberts Mission Support
  • and Mrs. Larry Morris mission
  • Henry Grady and Joanna Morris Mission and Scholarship Fund (may be used for either mission or Christian training scholarships)
  • Mark and Michea Papp St. Marks Presby. Church
  • Linda and Jack Spencer World Mission Support

Christian Ministry Scholarship(CMS)  funds: These funds provide financial assistance to our staff and members of our congregation and their extended family who are preparing for a Christian vocation.

  • Marvin O. Richter Christian Ministry Scholarship
  • Paul and Patsy Seals Church Vocation Scholarship
  • Ray and Jean McRae Word and Sacrament
  • Lena Ruth Nease Scholarship
  • Barton and Ada McCrum Scholarship
  • George and Francis Seelke Word and Sacrament

Cancer funds: These funds provide financial assistance for cancer patients and their families with expenses not covered by medical insurance.

  • Emmett/Stewart Cancer Support

General endowment funds: These funds are given without designation and re to be used where there is the greatest need.

  • Joann Francis Prien Memorial